Property Management
Chengdu SAIHO Property Management Service Co., Ltd., found in 2009 and wholly owned by SAIHO Group, is a nationwide professional property management company holding level III qualification in property management.
The company has, since the very establishment, followed the business tenet of “owner first, service first”, trying to build a top-end reputation and high-end service in the industry of property management. The company has, following the a market-oriented professional and group management mode, established the operation mechanism featured with independent accounting, self-financing, lawful management, independent operation, and self-development, together with the quality policy of scientific and standard, honest and efficient, safe and civilized, sustainable development, and lawful management, and a complete package of strict management policies and operation procedures, trying to build a safe, civilized, neat, and comfortable community atmosphere full of family affection, with scientific management and excellent service.

After years of operation, Chengdu SAIHO Property Management Co., Ltd. has developed unique human-oriented cultural ideas highlighting harmonious co-existence, sincerity, goodwill, refinement, and perfection, which has set solid humanistic foundation and powerful spiritual support for the healthy development of the company.

SAIHO has, carrying forward the high-end property management experience, constantly improved the property management service over the ten years and has developed the 5M service system which consists of 5-level service standard, 5 major butler services, 66 noble services, 25H all-round guest service, and bilingual services, to the house owners, trying to build top-level reputation and quality in the field of property management.

Management: 5-level service standard
Daily repair and maintenance of public areas, garden maintenance, fire safety control and other fundamental property service are all handled with 5-level criteria, trying to delivery high-quality life to high-level people. 

Meticulous· Five major butler services.
Property Management: Professional daily property management and public affairs management are provided to the house owners with 5-level service criteria.

Life butler: Housekeeping, ticketing and other services are provided to protect the house owners from bothering of daily trivial matters.

Business butler: Professional business services are provided, including printing, translation, and health lecture, etc.

Health butler: Build health archives for the house owners and provide door-to-door physical exam, expert clinic, and health lectures, etc.

Asset butler: Provide professional asset management service to customers interested in investment, such as maintenance of vacant houses and house leasing, etc.

Marvelous: 66 noble custom services.
SAIHO provides 66 customer and exclusive zero-interference services to the house owners, including business secretary, pet fostering, and venue leasing, etc.

Mirable: 25H all-round noble guest service
24-h ceaseless customer service + 1-hour on-site reception by the general manager. SAIHO cares for each customer, trying to make each of the customers feel the warm, comfortable, and convenient services.

Manners: Special bilingual service.
Our customer service center has recruited high-level customer service personnel who are strongly capable of communication in English and will provide service for our foreign customers.

In the future, SAIHO will further carry forward the service tenet of “owner first, service first”, provide better service to the house owners, and move ahead toward higher standard and target with big strides!

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