Commercial Real Estate
Adhering to the development and operation strategy of “mainly commercial, minorly residential”, SAIHO Group has created miracles one after another in the city after years of hard work in the development of commercial complexes by fully making use of the competitive resources and abundant experience. 

SAIHO Square Chengdu, located at 998 Jiannan Avenue Central of Chengdu Hi-tech District, covers total floor are of nearly 500,000m2, including over 210,000m2 of commercial floor area. The square is near to Metro Line 1, Tianfu Software Park, and Shuangliu International Airport, together with an intermediate transit point for 10 major public transport routes of the city, including the Metro Line 5 to be put into service soon. Attracting the settlement of one large department (Ito Yokado Hi-tech District) and more than 10 anchor stores, SAIHO Square creates a fashion, comfortable, and safe shopping and relaxation space for the consumer, together with an all-round shopping mode and consumption experience integrating shopping, relaxation, entertainment, catering, and social activities.

With the modern business mode integrating multiple types of consumption, SAIHO Square Chengdu meets not only the needs for development of the city, its fashion outlook design has also turned into a beautiful attraction in the south area of Chengdu the international city and a brand-new landmark attraction attention of the whole city.

SAIHO Square Leshan is a big project created by SAIHO Group, a large real estate developer of Chengdu, and Ito Yokado, a global 500, at Panlong Road, Qingjiang Distrct, Leshan; the project covers land area of 249.7mu.

SAIHO Square Leshan is a large integrated real estate project with total masses reaching nearly 700,000m2. Holding large-scale properties including hi-end residences, pedestrian shopping street, 5A office building, boutique SOHO apartment, internationally famous shopping mall, SAIHO Square Leshan is a name card of Leshan making all the Leshan people proud.

The flagship commercial complex, a core element of SAIHO Square Leshan, consists of three parts: the 70,000m2 SAIHO Mall, the nearly 40,000m2 Ito Yokado, and the nearly 37,000m2 “open scenario annular shopping street”, aiming to build a modern destination of consumption integrating various consumption experiences and a 24-hour vibrant community so that to further improve the image of the city and satisfy the needs for development of the city, and set up a new landmark for Leshan.

SAIHO Group, with more than 20 years of experience and the broad mind and foresight of changing the era, is creating top-level landmark assets for the city. SAIHO, builds your beautiful life in advance of the time!