Stay True to the Original Intention, Keep Carrying forward the Mission
SAIHO Group, founded in 1993 under the marvelous tide of the reform and opening of China, has always forged ahead and gone through thick and thin by carrying forward the business philosophy of “Bring Benefits to the Society, Improve Welfare of the Public” as the mission and tring the best to pursue for the vision of “Grow into An Excellent Urban Complex Operator” since the very establishment.

Forge ahead Powerfully with Transformation and Innovation
SAIHO Group started its business in the manufacturing field, making the manufacturing and R & D of heat exchangers.
In 2002, SAIHO Group started business officially in the development of real estate properties and established the development and business strategy of “Mainly Commercial, Minorly Residential”. Today, SAIHO Group has grown into an integrated real estate developer and operator focusing on the development and operation of high-end urban complexes.
In 2010, SAIHO Group has the investment company founded and the company has made successful investment in some emerging industries and earned good economic and social benefits by now.
In 2011, the SAIHO Square Shopping Mall at Chengdu Hi-tech District attracted the settlement of the famous department Ito Yokado, making the 800,000m2 SAIHO Square immediately the largest business area in the south part of Chengdu. The combination of the two giants of SAIHO and Ito Yokado then constituted a new landmark of the city and guided the south area of Chengdu toward prosperity.

Set Sail Ahead with Great Honor
SAIHO Group has for years made every effort to build better urban life and improve urban housing conditions.
In December 2007, Golden Valley Phase I was brought to the market. With 600-mu beautiful landscape, and the exclusive landscape at the two banks of a river and the two parks nearby, this “Afternoon Manhattan” set new height for the luxury residences of Wenjiang District.
In April, 2012, SAIHO Jiabo was opened to the market, set fire again among youth house buyers of Xinshuangnan area of Chengdu and ranked once the residential complexes with best sales performance of this area.
In April, 2014, SAIHO Square Leshan was opened to the world. Working hand-in-hand with Ito Yokado, one of the Global 500, SAIHO built another large integrated real estate project with total masses reaching nearly 700,000m2, a new urban landmark of Leshan.
In May, 2014, SAIHO Square Chengdu started business and attracted attention of the whole city of Chengdu. Working together with Ito Yokado again, SAIHO changed the single mode of business development in the south area of Chengdu again, making the god-blessed city a real international city good for both working and living.
SAIHO, with unique creativity and hard-work attitude, is bringing top-quality works to the people and showing craftsmanship as respect to Chengdu. Projects built by SAIHO are all top-quality fine works, aiming to create model residential life and unveil the new era of housing of Chengdu.

Deploy Business throughout China, SAIHO Never Stops Developing
Up to now, SAIHO Group has realized totally more than 2,000,000m2 of development involving multiple projects. At the same time, SAIHO Group has made big reserve of land by taking Chengdu as the center for strategic development and show influences in and out of Sichuan Province and other cities, so that a solid foundation was set for the future development of SAIHO. SAIHO Center to be brought to the market soon will be another new landmark of Chengdu. 
SAIHO Group, marching forward regardless of hardship
Has sufficiently made use of the powerful resources and years of development experience
Made innovation and forged ahead ceaselessly by focusing on needs of the customer
Trying to realize the ambitious vision of “growing into an excellent urban complex operator of China”