Project address: No. 998, middle section of Jiannan Avenue, hi tech Zone, Chengdu
Project index: the total area is 17032.08 m2, and the total construction area is 252599.63 m2
Project transportation: 1. Bus: get off at Tianfu erjiekou station of Jiannan Avenue and walk 126 meters to the project 2. Rail transit: Dayuan station of Metro Line 5 3. Self driving: Jiannan Avenue, Tianfu Erjie and Tianfu Sanjie
Project format: Apartment
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Golden Valley

Project address: located in Guanghua new town, Wenjiang
Project index: the total floor area is nearly 600 mu, and the above ground construction area is about 680000 m2
Project traffic: Metro Line 4 extension project format
Project format: Elevator villa, double villa, triple row villa, quadruple row villa, compound villa, high-rise building
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Project address: outside Wuhou interchange, 3rd Ring Road, Chengdu
Project index: covering an area of about 80 mu, with a total construction area of 260000 ㎡
Project format: residential, commercial and apartment

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