SAIHO XINRUI – Golden Valley

Golden Valley is next to Guanghua Avenue in the north, Huaxing South Road (under planning) in the south, opposite to Chengdu No.7 High School through Qixing Road in the west, and Jiang’an River in the east.

Golden Valley is 9km from Ring Road III of Chengdu and 4km from the old downtown area of Wenjiang. Golden Valley enjoys extremely good natural environment, in view of the 1.6km of water surrounded and 1,200mu wetland located opposite through the river. Golden Valley covers net land area of 430mu, total land area of nearly 600mu, and total floor area on the ground of nearly 680,000m2. Real estate properties here include semi-detached houses, triple town-houses, quadruple town-houses, overlaid courtyard houses, and foreign-style apartments with elevator, with ecological flowing water available only here. Free-drop architectural structure is preferred here, with 60% of single buildings facing the south, 25% of single buildings facing the south by west at 30o, and 15% of single buildings located in the east-west direction. Landscape elements including the natural flowing water and the riverside park, as well as the 380m valley are used, to realize the planned layout of the whole community featured with high-rise buildings encircling multi-story buildings and all buildings face the Jiang’an River. With this design, 80% of the buildings face the river, 50% of the buildings are located at riverside, 30% of the same have rivers at two sides, 10% have rivers at three sides, and the distance between high-rises are enlarged, while the distance between foreign-style apartments reaches 500m and more.

Tops and slopes of buildings matches the garden environment well, while the façade is built with simple European-style (new classical) façade with pleasant size. Five public gardens, namely, City Avenue, Lanbao Garden, Waterfall Garden, Riverside Garden, and Valley Garden, are used jointly as landscape elements to encircle the community and integrate charms of both the oriental and western gardens.

With god-blessed rare natural resources, Jinruitai Property Co., Ltd., the developer of Golden Valley, is dedicated to building Golden Valley into a model of exquisite life of China.

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