Address: 998 Jiannan Avenue (M), Chengdu Hi-tech Area
Indexes: Total land area: 17,032.08m2; total floor area: 252,599.63m2
Traffic: 1. Bus: 126m on foot from the stop Tianfu Street II Corner on Jiannan Avenue
2. Rail: Dayuan Station of Metro Line 5
3. Car: Jiannan Avenue, Tian Street II, Tianfu Street III

Properties: Apartment
SAIHO Luxury Mansion is located at the center of Dayuan area near to Tianfu Street II of International Chengnan, west to Jiannan Avenue, and enclosed by Tianfu Street II and Tianfu Street III. Dayuan Central Park is located east to SAIHO Luxury Mansion across the street. With excellent geological location, the project builds the “Luxury Mansion” following the suffix “Li” (Luxury Mansion is equal to the Chinese characters “Fei Li”), so that to set new models of housing for the next generation. With metro line 5 (under construction), SAIHO Mall and Ito Yokado, and other top-quality business facilities nearby, SAIHO Luxury Mansion meets all kinds of life demands. With god-blessed natural resources and the 300-mu Dayuan Central Park available out of your window, SAIHO Luxury Mansion realizes your dream for happy life. Chen Jianzhon, a winner of Andrew Martin Global Interior Design, the Oscar for Architecture, undertakes the design work together with his team. In this project, architectural aesthetics and life philosophy are integrated. With the holographic huge-screen views, the beautiful landscape available through the four seasons, exquisite fitting-out with worldwide tier A brands, smart technology, infinity swimming pool, sky backdrop clubs, and other facilities, SAIHO Luxury Mansion is a model of exquisite and luxury life of the generation in Sichuan.

(Traffic) SAIHO Luxury Mansion occupies the best land lot of Dayuan Area and enjoys the most complete traffic system, that is, a tri-dimensional ground traffic network with four longitudinal lines and five crosswise lines. The four longitudinal lines refer to Jiannan Avenue, Yizhou Avenue, Tianfu Avenue, and the southward extension of Hongxing Road, while the five crosswise lines are Tianfu Street I through Tianfu Street V. SAIHO Luxury Mansion is located at the junction of the central longitudinal line, namely, Jiannan Avenue, and the central crosswise line, namely, Tianfu Street III, which is really a perfect location. Furthermore, SAIHO Luxury Mansion is near to a lot of bus lines reaching to all the corners of the city.

Underground traffic: Century City Station of Metro Line 1 is nearly 2km from the Project, Metro Line 5 expected to be put into service by the end of this year will reach the Project seamlessly, making the Project a rare project of Chengdu with metro line station seamlessly available.
(Commercial facilities): SAIHO Mall, Ito Yokado, Global Center, Yintai Center, Aux Square, Ufun, Intime City Upark, Huijin City, and Fortune International gather here, capable to meet your diversified needs at all levels.

(Education facilities): Within the area where SAIHO Luxury Mansion is located, there are Chengdu No.7 High School, Chengdu Shishi Tianfu High School, Shishi Affiliated Primary School, Chengdu Foreign Language School Affiliated Primary School, Chengdu Meishi International School, Montpellier Primary School, Chengdu Horsens Primary School, Yizhou Primary School, etc.

(Healthcare facilities): Within the area where SAIHO Luxury Mansion is located, there are Chengdu First People’s Hospital, the People’s Hospital of Tianfu New Area, the People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province Hi-tech Branch (under construction), to provide service for the health of you and your family.
(Municipal facilities): East to SAIHO Luxury Mansion, there is the 300-mu Dayuan Park, the only green land of the whole Dayuan area, with the size equal to Huanhuaxi Park. In south Chengdu, a place full of concrete and rebars due to rapid economic development, natural resources are doubtlessly precious.
Therefore, SAIHO Luxury Mansion is the your first choice of real estate properties in the south part of the hi-tech area.