SAIHO Square Leshan

SAIHO Square Leshan, located at Panlong Road of Qingshan Area, Leshan, with land area of nearly 249.7mu, is a large multi-purpose real estate complex with total mass of nearly 700,000m2 built by SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, a big real estate developer of Chengdu, and Ito Yokado, one of the global 500. Properties include high-end residences, commercial pedestrian, 5A office building, exquisite SOHO apartment, internationally famous large shopping mall.

The flagship commercial complex, the most important part of SAIHO Square Leshan, consists of three parts: SAIHO Mall of 70,000m2, Ito Yokado of nearly 40,000m2, and the “open-type annular business street” of nearly 37,000m2, with the purpose of building a modern destination for integrated consumption experiences and a 24h community of vitality, so that to further improve the image of the city and satisfy the needs for further urban development and set up a new landmark in Leshan. To guarantee the future business operation of the whole project, improve the brand influence of SAIHO and bring value-added returns to property owners, it is decided that SAIHO Mall and Ito Yokado, jointly accounting for 75% of the total masses, will be held by the real estate developer, with only 37,000m2 of SAIHO Street open for selling. It is clear that the developer has undertaken most of the investment risks, that is, the developer has provided the huge returns on commercial investment to each investor of strength and insight of Leshan.