SAIHO Center

Attracting Worldwide Attention, Sparkling throughout the Whole Sichuan
The Orient attracts attention of the world, west China attracts attention of the country, while south Chengdu attracts attention of the city.
SAIHO Center, an epoch-making work of SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, is settled down in the south of Chengdu International City, thanks to its extraordinary insight. This is a place famous as “the place closest to the world”, that is, the land south to the belt freeway, west to Tianfu Avenue, and located between Tianfu Street I and Tianfu Street II, this is Dayuan CBD of Chengdu and a new center of politics, businesses and international culture, of Chengdu, in view of the fact that the city government office will move southward. SAIHO Center will, by the name of center, renew the skyline of the south of Chengdu International City. A brand-new landmark attraction admire of the whole city, will show up soon.

The place where a center is located is the place where urban resources gather. SAIHO Center, close to Tianfu Avenue, the central axis of Chengdu downtown, and adjacent to Century City Station of Metro Line 1, enjoys double axial traffic resources. Metro line 18 under planning will have a perfect meet with SAIHO Center, making the center a rare subway property of the city. Around the land, there is underground annular expressway connecting the land and nearby projects; the ground road traffic network is powerful, with traffic facilities reaching each corner of the city. Top-level urban facilities are available here, including the Century City International Conference Center, theatre, art exhibition center, a lot of five-star hotels, and business streets, all sparkling and all excellent. What’s more, there is the Guixi Eco-park, the only rare natural resource in the urban downtown area, bringing rare natural ecology and secret relaxation area.

What blessed by the god is the cornerstone, what to be made by hand shows the craftsmanship. SAIHO Center, with floor area of nearly 570,000m2, will fully introduce high-end properties including high-end residences, luxury hotels, tier A office building, and high-end apartment, etc. Although the accomplishment may exist only in the south of Chengdu International City, it will be a metropolitan complex standing out of its peers. At present, ROSEWOOD, a luxury hotel brand enjoying great worldwide reputation for decades, has signed agreement with SAIHO XINRUI GROUP and will settle down in SAIHO Center, aiming to build a sparkling banquet for local elites. More international brands are now having intentional negotiation.

SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, with experience cumulated in more than 20 years and the insight and great mind of changing the time, will create the top-level urban asset to Chengdu. Let’s expect for the coming of SAIHO Center, together!