All the People Attracted! SAIHO MALL Opens, with 200,000 People Rushing In! Crowds of People on Site!

    On September 6, 2019
    SAIHO Mall Leshan,
    Attracting extensive attention since the very beginning of construction,
    Finally opens solemnly,
    In the great affection of the thousands of fans!
     Ms. Yin Qiuping, the chairwoman of SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, Mr. Hu Qiang, the president of SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, Mr. Chen Jianhe, the vice president of SAIHO XINRUI GROUP, Mr. Liu Yang, the general manager of Leshan SAIHO Squre Business Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Keihon Yoshinao, deputy general manager of Ito Yokado, Mr. Zhou Yiqiao, the deputy general manager of High Wave Sports, Ms. Yang Ying, the Development Director of Uniqlo Southwest China, attended and witnessed the opening ceremony.
    At 9: 38, the opening ceremony of SAIHO Mall, themed with “Diversified Young Sight” started on the square of SAIHO MALL.
    Drum tums of magnificence, together with beautiful and powerful dances, knock out the door of SAIHO Mall. A lion dance team, decorated with flowers and happy red ornaments, leap forward in the deafening drum tum and arrived at the stag. With the guests painting the eyes of the lion, announcing the official start of business of SAIHO Mall Leshan.
    Satisfy All-round Consumption Needs of the City

    SAIHO Mall has 82,000m2 of commercial space and has gathered a lot of nationally and internationally famous brands, including the settlement of six anchor tenants, namely, JY Cinema, Uniqlo, Xingji Legend, Fundo Land, Yang Bao Yang Bei, Tayue Fitness, and 38% of brands, including AFIONA, PurCotton, and HLA Selection, etc., will have their business open in Leshan for the first time.
    SAIHO MALL has sufficiently integrated the popular international business trend and the local consumption features and finally realized the full coverage of consumption properties and built a large urban complex integrating shopping, entertainment, catering, relaxation, and social activities, and has thus satisfied the urban consumption needs in an all-round way.
    Millions of Gifts for You
    At the eve before SAIHO Mall opens to business, the WeChat Circle of Friends of the local people are fully filled with discounts on the opening day of SAIHO Mall. At the very date of opening, SAIHO Mall offered a lot of opening discounts and benefits, including the up to 70% discount for clothes, up to 50% for food, 30 HUAWEI P30 for lottery drawing at each whole-hour clocking, and RMB 39 for RMB 1,000 of opening gift. A lot of people were attracted, with people awaiting to get on or get off the elevator in the mall, the catering area had louder and louder queueing calls.

    Brand-new Artistic and Funny Experience Unveiled
    The crystal sea of flowering crab-apple is an important scenery themed area built particularly by SAIHO Mall Leshan this time, with the purpose of bringing gift to Leshan with the flower of the city. In addition to the flower sea, SAIHO Mall Leshan has gathered highly popular band and hip-hop masters to create the perfect music banquet, offering a city-level music carnival for Leshan.
    With events like “the Voice of China Leshan”, the “Autumn and Winter Fashion Week”, the “Qiu Hou Children’s Music Festival”, and the “Influencer Ceremony of the City”, SAIHO Mall started the brand-new artistic and funny experience with the cross-border collision of trend and art.
    With Single-day Visitor Traffic Broke 200,000, SAIHO Mall Created Sales Legend
    100% stores were sold or leased, 99% of brands opened to business simultaneously! On the very night of soft opening, SAIHO Mall occupied the circle of friends of Leshan people, with crowds of people rushing in and more fans attracted! On the very day of opening, customers on site created huge crowds of people, and you could see nothing but just human heads. Statistics showed that on the very day of opening, SAIHO Mall attracted more than 200,000 visits. Since the opening on September 6, 2019, SAIHO Mall has realized sales volume of RMB 10.56 million. SAIHO Mall has submitted a perfect performance record, making itself once the “king of flow” among all the Leshan shopping centers.
    Although SAIHO Mall opened on a working day, there were still too many people, two many traffic jam, and too many shopping…… in the area close to SAIHO Square, the color shown on the traffic jam turned redder and redder, making people feel that all the citizens of the city were rushing toward SAIHO Square…… up to 100 of Roadbit bicycles and Green Oranges were waiting at dedicated places on the external square.
    36 HUAWEI P30 were ready for lottery drawing among VIP customers, while the fashion week for autumn and winter attracted great visits, with both the big and the small courtyard fully filled with customers. PR activities attracted great attention, while SP caught the equal pace. Good news was reported by food and beverage stores, with queues awaiting here and there out of restaurant. Even at the very moment before closing, a lot of restaurants still had crowds of customers.
    All the time from the beginning to the closing, the visit traffic on site kept high, with crowds of people here and there. After 20:00, in view of the huge visit traffic, restrictions on visit traffic were conducted in the shopping center.
    “Start” the City-level Central Business District
    While SAIHO Mall opens to the public, SAIHO commercial pedestrian has more than 88% of its stores sold, in which, 82% of the stores have been open for business. It is expected that 85% of stores on the commercial pedestrian will be open by the October, and the whole street will then open to the public. SAIHO Garden phase I, delivered on June 30, 2019, has its tenants settled down one after another, and will be wholly open to the public in November as expected.
    By the end of 2019, SAIHO Mall, SAIHO commercial pedestrian, and SAIHO Garden phase I, three commercial properties, of SAIHO Square Leshan, will open for business in succession. The SAIHO business district will take shape roughly by then. Ito Yokado will open for business soon, and SAIHO Garden phase II will be delivered in 2021. At that time, SAIHO business district will grow mature.
    “SAIHO XINRUI has worked in Leshan for years and what we are building is not only a shopping center, a feature block, a high-end residential community! We are building a business district, an important CBD with visible future, and more a passion and a kind of entrepreneurship, that is, keeping promise, bringing benefits to the owner, the merchant, and the consumer, and building stronger the society!”, said Mr. Liu Yang, the general manager of Leshan SAIHO Square Business Management Co., Ltd.
    A City-level Business District anchored by SAIHO
    Is taking shape and growing mature.
    It will definitely
    Bringing new vitality to the business map of Leshan.