SAIHO Square Chengdu Unveiled the Christmas Lighting Ceremony 2019

                                                                                                                      ---the Huge Converted Christmas Tree “Sparkling” Started Refreshing Life

    Starry night, sparkling life! At the night of November 22, under a 12-meter huge converted Christmas tree, SAIHO Square has the Christmas lighting ceremony themed as “Picking the Stars” unveiled solemnly in the courtyard of the ground floor.
    At 18:30, a magically beautiful “rehearse” for the ceremony was put on the stage. Rainbow Tone Band started the first song of the ceremony, unveiled the prelude of the Christmas lightening carnival, setting the whole audience on fire! Later, the classical and elegant ballet performance and piano playing presented an extraordinary visual-audio banquet! Santa Claus also appeared to send greetings to audiences on site, creating thick Christmas atmosphere with original taste and flavor. Later at 7:30, the party reached climax one after another, and in the countdown of “5, 4, 3, 2, and 1”, leaders on site lightened the Christmas tree together, announcing the official beginning of the Christmas season of SAIHO Square Chengdu and starting the “Refreshing life” of SAIHO Square Chengdu.

    SAIHO Square Chengdu Hi-tech started business officially in May 2014, with Ito Yokado as the main tenant. By now, SAIHO Square Chengdu Hi-tech turns out the first choice for shopping for consumers in south Chengdu. SAIHO Mall Leshan, a brother project of SAIHO Square Chengdu started business solemnly in Leshan in this September.
    The year 2019 and 202 witnessed the strategic adjustment and upgrading of SAIHO Square Chengdu. Firstly, the brand matrix is optimized and upgraded constantly, with tier A cosmetic brands and internationally famous apparel clothes being introduced. UNIQLO has its first big-size store in south Chengdu open to business on November 1 of this year, with the sales volume on this first day renewed the single-day sales volume in the southwest China. Later, brands including LANCOME, Kiehl’s, L’Occitane, Laneige, Biotherm, and HEYTEA opened to consumers in succession in December. It is learnt that more tier A brands will open the consumers here in 2020.

    It is learnt from related leaders that while promoting the influene of brands, SAIHO Square Chengdu is also dedicated to proving optimal shopping environment and shopping experience to clients. It is reported that Thailand Landscape Architecture and Design Studio which have won a lot of influential internatonal awards will try to build new landscape for the shopping center. Furthermore, fitting-out in public area of different floors of the building will also be upgraded. Metro line 5 will reach block B1 and the north square in this December. Conveneint traffic facilities will definitely bring one-stop convenient and comfortable shopping and traveling experience.
    As for the approaching December, it is learnt from related dealers that SAIHO Square Chengdu will make “big actions” and a grand public-benefit event targeting at citizens of south Chengdu and even the whole Chengdu will be launched shortly. Up to one hundred of branded service providers will work together to bring benefits, with definitely “good” services and products, to the customers and friends caring for and supporting SAIHO Square Chengdu.