SAIHO Mall Leshan Unveiled Solemnly, with SAIHO Garden Phase II Launched Splendidly!

    On April 27, “SAIHO, the Power Changing Leshan”, an unprecedented super grand ceremony was unveiled in Panlong - New Century Grand Hotel. In the shocking visual effects where fashion and classics are integrated, SAIHO Garden Phase II shows in Leshan, announcing the beginning of the era where the needs for food and entertainment can be satisfied in one stop. Nearly 500 potential customers showed up on site, together with representatives of mainstream media of Sichuan, and tenants represented by Ito, Starbucks, YUM, Yang Bao Yang Bei, and High Wave Sports!
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    Stunning! 26 years of hard work, adding prosperity to charms!
    (Chen Shu, vice president of SAIHO XINRUI GROUP)
    On the press conference center, through presentation from all related aspects, Saiho Xinrui Group illustrated the brand strength of SAIHO Mall. Chen Shu, the vice president of Saiho Xinrui Group, said in the event that Leshan, as a tourism city with abundant cultural charms, has the potential for development in the future beyond measuring. Although SAIHO is new to Leshan, SAIHO has grown rapidly here. SAIHO will further improve strategic layout in Leshan with the diversified product lines, so that to build flourishing Qingjiang New Area and SAIHO has the confidence in building another shopping center for Leshan, as another landmark of the southwest China.
    (Liu Chang, general manager of SAIHO Business Management Co., Ltd. Leshan Branch)
    Later, Liu Chang, the general manager of SAIHO Business Management Co., Ltd. Leshan branch expressed his expection on SAIHO Mall in Leshan. According to Liu, in the coming 1 to 3 years, the group will foster following businesses in SAIHO Garden Phase II: tourism (hotel, and travel specialties, etc.), health, and food. In additional to food, amusement, and shopping, SAIHO Garden will get rooted in Leshan to bring all-round upgraded services to Leshan people and build the core business circle of Leshan!
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    Through speeches of related leaders and other guests, people on site felt clearly the passion of SAIHO Leshan Group toward the land and the pure sincere emotion toward Leshan people. The team delivered also the exquisite work and strong confidence of SAIHO in further developing Leshan. The 24-hour Sleepless City, the West China Charming Business Street, and the scenery-like presentation have all stimulated the passion of people on site for the project.
    Shocking! Top brands, dances and songs are illustrating the great charms!
    After the brilliant and splendid sharing activities, the press conference brought also beautiful songs and dances. Sparkling lights and exquisite stage further enriched the event. With songs sounded like the sound of nature, the dances beautiful like fairies, and stages sparkling and charming, all the people on site have felt full noble and hot shock in both eyes and ears. Furthermore, the stimulating lottery-drawing made nervous and excited all the people on site. Finally, along with surprises and lucks, the event was drawn to the end.
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    Amazing! West Sichuan Charming Business Street! Set fire to the 24h Sleepless City!
    Life turns more wonderful because of business, while a city grows more prosperous because of business! Qingjiang New Area aims to build “big business circle, new center, and more gathering” to build 1,000,000m2 commercial complex and future CBD of Leshan. SAIHO Mall, located next to the high-speed railway station and the exit of the expressway, show influences to the whole southwest China as an all-round capable urban circle!
    SAIHO Garden Phase II is an important part of the business system of SAIHO Mall Leshan and the subject of the press conference this time. Properties include single commercial houses, apartments, starred hotel, and high-end office buildings. In which, single commercial houses have unit area ranging from 11 to 66m2, with square layout, reasonable depth, and low threshold for investment. The length of stores on the ground floor reaches up to 6m, while there are some big-platform business areas for stores on the third floor. In a word, SAIHO Garden is a backbone among business properties of Leshan.
     (Location of the Project)
    Enjoy a through visit in Leshan in one day! Take all the food, and feel all the charms! Adhering to the idea of “enjoy the life in west Sichuan”, SAIHO Mall Leshan is built based on the unique architectural charms of west Sichuan and facilitates the business development with cultural charms. The façade with west Sichuan charms aims to provide best visual experience to local citizens and travelers. The main destination of 24h happy urban life, built subject to consumption features, gather all the food and entertainment here, enriching the tastes in addition to visual enjoyment and the double sensual experiences enrich the final effects.
    Food, culture, and entertainment here go to the southwest China and even the whole China from Leshan, making them the name card of Leshan!

    Set Sail! The urban complex, the power changing Leshan
    In the fact, before entering Leshan, SAIHO has worked in southwest China for years. From SAIHO Mall Chengdu to SAIHO Mall Leshan, every product launched to the market by SAIHO Xinrui Group is widely praised by the market, which has also set solid foundation for the splendid transformation of Leshan. With the high-speed railway station and other rail traffic facilities, both the new urban center and the central area are urging for the arrival of large commercial complex!

    SAIHO, the Power Changing Leshan!