Standing Committee Member of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan PDIC..

    Wang Yanfei, the Secretary-General of Sichuan Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee and Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee Visited SAIHO Residential Community to Check the Epidemic Prevention Work
    In the morning of February, Wang Yanfei, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and secretary-general of Sichuan Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee, and Peng Lin, the secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Leshan, made a special visit to SAIHO Mall community to check the 2019-nCov prevention work.
    ❖Secretary Wang Asking for Details about the Epidemic Prevention Work
    Immediately after the arrival of the provincial-level and the municipal-level leaders and their followers at the residential community, secretary Wang began to ask for information about the epidemic prevention work conducted in the community and he listened to the oral report made by the property management company about the dynamics of residents in the community, the publicity on the epidemic prevention, the control of critical personnel, the grid-based screening, and other related work. Secretary Wang expressed his praise at the compliance of the property management staffs and the work conducted by the property management company.
    ❖Provincial-level and Municipal-level Leaders Checking the Epidemic Work
    After going through the body temperature measuring, secretary Wang and his followers walked to the park to learn the use information and sales principle of the “Self-service Fruit/Vegetable Vending Machine” in person. Secretary Wang praised the innovative ideas which could effectively help reduce the traveling of people.
    ❖Provincial-level and Municipal-level Leaders Learning Knowledge about the Fruit/Vegetable Vending Machine
    Secretary Wang encountered some residents in the community and expressed his greetings. He asked more details about life demands of residents during the epidemic control period, whether they had enough masks? What about the price? Is it convenient for them to buy food? What about their preventive measures against the epidemic, etc.

      ❖Secretary Wang Sent Greetings to Residents of the Community

    Secretary Wang pointed out that residential community was the most basic unit in this fight and the frontier for epidemic control and prevention this time. While strictly prevent and control the epidemic, we need to help solve daily needs of the residents too. We need to well safeguard the health of the people. He asked the property management company to keep working hard and well conduct epidemic prevention under instruction of the local government.

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